Principal Fr. Pradip dabre
Anand Ashram English High School


   Anand Ashram English High School is a Catholic School administered by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Vasai. It was strated by Rev.Fr.Joseph Sadanand in 1958. The school was recognised as an English teaching school by the Maharashtra State Board of Education in 1968. The name of the managing body of the School is ANAND ASHRAM ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL TRUST. it is a non-aided English Medium School.

   The School aims at the education primarily of the catholic community around, but is open to pupils of all other Communities as well.

   The School aims at the growth of the whole person based on the love of god and the service of man as modelled in Jesus christ.It stands for academic excellence, developement of skill, chracter formation attained through value education and physical developement. Hence all activities, curricular as well as extra curricular are directed to this end.

   The Positive steps and corrective measures taken on behalf of the child,are attuned towards the said goal.